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Ellam finishes his drink with a grimmace. "Always *cough* ready for another..." Ellam smiles.

"You seem to have reservations about your past, particularly you parents." "Can't say I blame you." "I've heard a lot of stories of stolen childhoods, but I think that takes the credits."
"It's one thing to have lost your parents..."
"It's another matter intirely to have lost parents."
Ellam says seriously and compasionately.

"I see people, too often, so involved in their own affairs that the light of life passes right over them as they diligently tend to the discretions of the mundane."
"It's a shame really..."
"Not for you..."
"But for your parents..."

Ellam shifts his attention momentarily to the scuffle in the cantina. He calmly shifts his weight onto his side and gently slides his foot under the butt of his rifle.

He returns his attention to Danyx and says calmly in a soft determined tone.
"I don't usually get involved in other's affairs,...
Ellam smiles
"...particularly when I'm engaged in fond converstation with such appealing company,..."
"...but I think those fellas may just need some assistance..."

As the henchman's companion turns his blaster to Grask, Ellam stands sharply from his seat projecting his rifle into the air. As the action reaches chest height, he fixes the the butt to his shoulder and fires a single shot in one fluid motion...
The severed hand of the companion falls to the cantina floor, blaster fixed and finger trapped lifeless on the trigger...
Ellam quickly sits to resume his conversation and avoid undue attention, as the agonizing companion trips to a kneel.

Ellam returns his gaze to Danyx, takes a deep breath, and says with a curious look.
"Where was I..."
"That's right, your childhood..."
"Please tell me more."

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