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Asgardreid: It was acceptable from an Aesirian point of view, it was also acceptable from an Olympians, and other races. They knew the consequences of Fenrir's release. You did not and still you do not. Only when you come face to face with the wolf, and the other demonic beasts that have been release will you have the chance to understand. Even then you are very young and probably will not fully comprehend.

Oh, one last thing. This is all because of the cowardness of your New Republic.


*Svafa raises her glass in a toast*

Svafa: To all those who graced us with their presance before passing out of this realm.

*Heimdall and Idun raises their glasses, and then they drink. The glasses were filled with Mead*

Heimdall: Ever think about how young they are?

Idun: What do you mean?

Heimdall: Nothing really. Just thinking how their entire lives are just an eye blink compared to us. Perhaps that is why they don't truely understand us.

Svafa: That could be. You never really think about it, but they are extermly young.

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