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Problems with basic merc mode

1. When i changed my game to basic mercmode, I noticed that as a merc you spawn with a bowcaster, pistol, tazer, and blaster. However, in actuality all you can use when u spawn are the bowcaster and the tazer

2. Under basic merc mode, when choosing the class of merc it shows the right icon on the player setup menu, but to the right of this is a jumble of descriptions (of the classes and equipment) which overlap eachother.

3. When one plays as a merc, you can roll and shoot at the same time (meaning you can shoot while in mid-roll). Hmm, while this makes getting kills easier, I feel this may need to be corrected. Lord knows I was spamming this big time against fellow mercs.

4. Hmm, depending on which hilt one picks, some blade skins appear to be unattached to the hilt if one looks closely.

5. When using the tri-engine jetpack, the middle engine is not centered.

6. As Rut-Wa said, the preview blade is not registering.

7. I am curious as to what everyone thinks of increasing primary bryar pistol damage? I for one am for it To get a kill when using primary fire with the pistol is near impossbile even when exchanging fire with a fellow merc armed with a different weapon. It requires a LOT of shots to get a kill

8. Saber-throw has been improved somewhat I think. But I can forsee mercs having a hell of a time on servers where many others are saber throw enabled. It seems that being in range to illicit a saber throw from a bot will almost always end in death, and note, that this distance is far too great imo. What to do about this, I am unsure. Would decreasing saber-throw damage to say 50 to 70hps be too much? Maybe this damage can be directly to ones hps and not the shields. This i would like to see implemented.

9. Like I said, almost there!!! Keep up the great work Azymn!!

10. Hmm, when I went back into basic mercmode, I could not designate myself as a merc at all. Even after respawning many times and checking the setup menu (under class I chose to be a merc), I still spawned with a light saber. I even went as far as to make sure I had absolutely no force powers availible and still no luck.

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