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*Cracken continues his onslaught, now fully enraged that he couldn't hit Duncan.*

Duncan: How amusing. One of you calling a man a coward?
*Duncan round houses Cracken at inhumane speeds, knocking him to the floor, sending him sprawling.*

Duncan: A Sith's you really are the same as the others.

*He' that... insolent........*
*Cracken began yelling at the top of his lungs. He began to draw as much energy to him as possible. The buildings' foundation shook wildly, threatening to bring down the ceiling. He slowly stood up, on hand behind his back. The energies he continued to draw into himself created a wind around him, swirling his hair. Cracks grew in the floor around him. He didn't care about the damned vampires or the blackness threatening the galaxy. He just wanted Duncan DEAD.*


*With that, he threw from behind his back a small over powered Ultima ball, primed to take out 3 city blocks. With that final outburst, his body gave out, and as he hit the floor, he thought At least he's dead...*

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