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Eh, told you there'd be some kind of bugs.

Ok, just tested, the ones in bold are the ones that bother me most.

1. Bots (in FFA, no Mercmod) run around with Bryar too much without shooting
2. As mentioned before, saber preview does not work.
3. This isnt a bug, the annoying Jedi Vs. Merc message is gone, THANK YOU AZYMN!
4. When set to block Lightning and Drain, it still does not block lightning and drain.
5. When you set the Saber type thing to Changeable (not locked), it doesn't change at all until you die. (Note: there IS a sperate option for locked until respawn, so they seem to be one in the same.)
6. Level 4 Force Jump still does not drain force energy.

That's all for now, still trying to find some more.
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