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((OOS: FYI everyone that Cracken and I are cooperating in this instance, in case the acceptance of character controlling is confusing you ^_~

Admiral: Grevious Bodily Harm, I believe))

*If Cracken had stayed conscious another second, he would have seen he had not hit the floor. He would have seen that the world had pulled away from underneath him at the last moment and dissolved into whiteness. He would have also seen a certain little girl looking at him with a disapproving stare.

The others in the library saw him fade away.

Another circumstance that occured purely by chance was that the Ultima blast saved Drago's life. Duncan had had his crossbow sights trained on the back of the man's head when the blast came.

Duncan promptly lowers his crossbow and swings his sword in a parabolic arc. A ring of energy forms catching the Ultima blast. Duncan seems surprised at this result, even more so when the Ultima begins absorbing the energy into itself.

Duncan swings his sword and hurls the blast into the ceiling, completely dissolving it. A wind is created that blows everyone backwards from the center of the blast effect.

Duncan looks at the floor where Cracken had been*

Duncan: He was the fool.

*Without turning around, he points his crossbow behind his back and rapidly fires bolts at Deac and Flax, the only two left standing.

Rwos finds himself now completely unable to move.*


Gilian: We have our next destination. We have to leave, now!

Starr: *wincing* Can't you use one of those 'teleporters' you otherdimensional beings constantly seem to have?

Gilian: I don't have one on me...Rwos does. Besides, the others...

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