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*Guy's scanners detect a time anomaly - the presence of Deac's spirit - in the Asgardried's hull. He records it, not understanding it but putting it off until later.

Something was wrong.

He had the ship scan himself. Then he had the ship scan the entire Asgardried.*


*A 3-dimensional map of the ship was displayed with a generic outline representing recognized humanoid lifeforms. One for him, two close to the hold - Marin and Aidan - a cluster in the hallways representing Misae, Hal, Raschel, Orthos, and one of the Irvines. A ways away from them was the other Irvine, and on the higher decks were another cluster representing Idun, Heimdall and Svafa.

Marin, Aidan, Misae, Raschel, Orthos, Idun, Heimdall and himself were glowing with a pulsing light. The others were beginning to glow faintly as well, as if being infected by the light of the others.*

They shouldn't be...

*The light represented intense magical energy. He'd detected it on the group before when they'd emerged from the dream room, but he'd assumed it was a temporary side effect of the exposure to the near-radioactive magic of the room.

But it wasn't gone. It was growing. And now, it was pulsing, bursting as if...

A vision catches him off guard, and he collapses into it*


Raschel: *incredulously* the Force? How was...what was he talking about?


*Deep inside the Asgardried, a rip appears in space. A curious animal head pokes through, tasting the air with its tongue.

It worms its way out of the hole and runs down the corridors of the ship. More gather round it as it runs*

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