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target_print weird error (I mean: really weird)

So I know it was just wishful thinking when I created a target_print entity with a "message" of "%s says: hello world"--but I never expected this to happen. After a compile (in which nothing out of the ordinary seemed to take place) I loaded up the map to test out whether or not "%s" worked like it does in some of the MODs... lo and behold, whenever I passed through the trigger_multiple brush that targeted my target_print, the all the controls would get reversed! This was just too bizarre... the "w" key would still do the animation for "running forward," but the character was moving backwards! "s" would do the backpedal animation, but more forwards, the crouch key made you jump and the space bar made me duck (but doing a "jumping animation")! Has anybody else encountered this? Is this bug related to something besides putting a "%" sign in a target_print entity (which, by the way, didn't work--I just got ".s says: hello world")? Just thought I'd share the weirdness...
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