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Just to be on the safe side:

1. Is your map already pak'ed up in a .pk3 file?
  • If so: Something is screwy... you might be better off copying the shader code from raven's shader files into yourmap.shader, as well as copying the images referenced in the .shaders from the textures folder of assets0.pk3 into the textures folder of yourmap.pk3...

    If not: Did you make sure to do an "sv_pure 0" before you did a "devmap yourmap" (since the shaders you mentioned are part of the default set that is in shaderlist.txt, I don't know why you should have to do this... but it couldn't hurt, for testing purposes, until you .pak it up...)?
2. Have you tried a recompile, and a re-pak'ing? Sometimes .pk3 files can get screwed up and cause unpredictable errors... ask lauser about if_bespin.pk3 ;^)
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