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Grask snaps his gaze to Ellam, being a little stunned at his show of marksmanship. "Thank you" he says quickly, before looking to Shreneka.

Grask: Sorry about the mess Shreneka. To Jatari: Yeah, I'm pretty sure we could cover you until you got to your ship. I suggest we take the back door though. To Kra'sko: What should we do with this one?

Grask motions to the man holding his wounded arm.

OOC: I think if we leave the cantina we should make a new thread. If we continue this story I don't want to fill up Swediots Cantina. I like where this plot is going and I think it would be cool to give it it's own thread. I'll leave it up to you guys though (Vessen, Jatari and Krymelord).

TAG: Allies (Vessen, Jatari, Krymelord)

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