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((OOS: Scar, how are we supposed to believe RH Irvine is a "true Jedi" when he keeps coming with all these completely random (and very wrong) things? ;p))

Starr: DAMN! Not again!

*The two run from the room*


*Duncan knocks Greer's sword away with his own. He looks at Deac and Flax.

As the two leap towards him using the Force to aid them, Duncan rapid-fires two bolts in the air, aiming where the two Jedi were headed. The bolts squarely hit both Jedi and knock them to the floor, the bolts' fires numbing and immobilizing them*

The faster you choose to move, the less able you are to stop...

*Duncan is about to say something aloud when Starr and Gilian burst in the room*

Duncan: Back again?

Starr: You will DIE, fiend!

*He ignites his crimson lightsaber and rushes at Duncan in a rage. Instead of dodging, Duncan brings his sword to catch onto the lightsaber. The two blades stick together as if held by powerful magnets. Before Starr could react to this unexpected development, Duncan had forced his arms aside and fired point-blank in his chest.

The Sith flies backwards, violently smashing into the wall. The impact knocks him unconscious, and he slumps down, the green-burning bolt stuck in his chest armor. Duncan turns to face Gilian, but makes no move to attack*

Sejhan: Now, K'Warra.

*K'Warra levitates upwards mechanically. He flies over the railing and lands in front of Rwos. The two begin glowing, a link of energy streaming between them*

Gilian: What in seven hells...NO!

*She rushes towards them. In an instant, Duncan is in front of her, blocking her with his sword, an impassable barrier*

Gilian: What are you doing?, you were always one of the humans out for justice! If you let this happen you'll be nothing but a murderer!

Duncan: Appealing to my moral code? How amusing. Especially for a vampire, not to mention one so vicious as yourself...

Gilian: I'm NOT that anymore!

Duncan: Really?

*Before she can move, Duncan's hand goes down to his waist and back up again, smashing a flask in her face. Gilian vamps out and reels back in pain, clutching her burning face, wiping off the liquid that had been splashed there*

Duncan: Somehow things seem just the same to me.

*K'Warra and Rwos rise into the air.

Rwos, unable to move, can feel K'Warra's mind extend into his. He could feel that the gargoyle was only half-aware of what he was doing...

He slams up his mental shields, but something was wrong. Something was rising inside him. Little dark shards being brought together into...*

The remnants of the Darkstar! Whatever it left inside of me when it possessed me...K'Warra is using it to form a pathway into my...

*K'Warra raises his hands. He turns translucent, skin appearing chrome instead of blue-green as if he was transforming into faded liquid metal. He stretches out two of his fingers and plunges them into Rwos' eyes*


*Rwos screams in agony, and the room is wiped in a burst of brilliance. Chrome snakes of energy run up K'Warra's arm, piercing Rwos' head and run back out, leaving no physical mark but causing enormous pain. The flow runs back and forth, engulfing both figures.

Then suddenly the brilliant energy is sucked back away into K'Warra. He levitates stiffly back to the floor. Rwos drops like a rag doll to the ground.

Sejhan: Did you find it?

K'Warra: *mechanically* Yes. It was exactly as you said.

*He extends his arm. A spinning vortex appears, images projecting from it. An image of Gerd, Rwos and Odin appears more brightly illuminated from the bunch*

Sejhan: Good. Then it's confirmed. *The portal behind him reopens. K'Warra levitates upwards and passes through it. Duncan, crossbow trained on Gilian, ascends the stairs and follows. The portal closes behind him*

Sejhan: *looking down at the unconcious bodies around the room, and Gilian standing in the middle of the room looking lost and horrified* Have a nice day.

*The demon turns and walks into the wall, fading out as he does so*

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