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((OOS: What portal of snakes?

Admiral: More than one rift. Just so you know))

*More rifts shift open and closed around the ship. One centipede-like creature is caught in an activating force field and sliced neatly in half. However, other creatures are unaffected by them, some passing through the fields - and walls - as if they weren't there.

One two-legged creature reaches Guy's ship, sniffing. His ship's weapons activate, analyzing the creature and reforming and firing. The creature is blown away.

Unfortunately, this attracted even more creatures. Guy's ship couldn't analyze them fast enough, and they breached the ship's hull.*



*Guy stood in the corner of a room. A wooden and earthen wall.

A man in what seemed to be late 17th or early 18th Earth clothing sat in front of a fire. His eyes were closed. He didn't realize Guy was there.*

This is a time distortion, I can feel it...

*He could feel some of what the man in front of the fire was feeling. Pained thoughts. He caught bits and pieces of memories.

A gang of vampires...thrusting a girl, his daughter, into the sunlight and watching her burn to ashes...a long journey...a small, peaceful town...a huge monster of a - man? standing on a ledge watching the town burn, laughing...the pain of even more loss...then flashes of red and white light, and rage that was now cooling, cooling to a simmer...*

"All for vengeance."

*Guy realized that he'd caught a snippet of the man's thoughts. The man looked down at his mug, which had the name Cyrus Duncan carved into it*

"Vengeance that I never gained."

*The man...Duncan...took a drink.*

"They vanished. Leaving only their weak progeny to hunt down. And the memories..."

*A strange whirring sounds briefly on the other side of the room. Duncan's thoughts cut out of Guy's head. Guy looks to see a strange figure in a cloak, hidden in shadow. Duncan does not turn around or stir from his seat*

Duncan: *speaking to the figure* Another step, and it will be your last. If you've come here for anything other than a fight, you're in the wrong place.

*The figure spoke. A male voice* A fight's exactly what I'm looking for.

*Duncan stands. Then he turns around*

Duncan: Be a man and show your face.

*Out of the shadows stepped - a demon. He looked much like a man, but had beige, loose skin and heavy scars. And unnaturally dark eyes. Everything else was concealed by the brown cloak.*

Demon: I'm not a man. *He pauses for a second* What I mean is...

Duncan: You're not human.

Demon: But clearly masculine. You get that, right?

*Duncan picks up a small crossbow and aims it at the demon's chest.*

Duncan: You'll get more than a fight if you don't leave right now.

Demon: Fine, fine. My mistake, sorry. I just thought you might want help killing the Jotuns who massacred your family.

*The demon carefully watches the man's reaction. Duncan only turns away and puts down his mug*

Duncan: I don't need your help. I'll kill them myself.

Demon: Uh, actually, no, you won't. You'll die a bitter old man and never see them again.

Duncan: You don't know that.

Demon: I kinda do. In fact, *walking around to get in the Hunter's view* I know it'll be another thirty-five hundred years before you get another chance to confront a Jotun again. Or the ones you're so keen on wreaking your revenge upon.

*Duncan is silent for a time. Then he speaks again*

Duncan: And...this is the part of the tale where the demon offers the broken man the chance to change all that?

Demon: I'll take you to them. Thirty five centuries into the future.

Duncan: Through black magic and sorcery.

Demon: No. On a ronto cart. Of course through black magic and sorcery. I'm a demon.

Duncan: And what do you want from me?

Demon: Your word. I want your word that when the time comes, you will show them all no mercy.

*Duncan looks into the dark corners of the room*

Demon: *sounding impatient* Uh, I don't mean to be pushy, but this is a limited time offer. Say yes, and I'll take you to them this very hour. Say no...and realize your one chance to avenge what the Jotuns did to your wife and children has slipped away...forever.

*Duncan stares at nothing.

Guy is moving away again, the scene receding into the distance. But he already somehow knew what the man's answer would be...*

But...what does this mean...?


*He was back in the present again. He could feel it. He was still fully away from his body. His soul was being dragged across space towards a disturbance that it just had to see...*

((Edited to clarify some things))

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