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((Deac: The Asgardried didn't set off any alarms.

Red: Your forgetting that the ship wouldn't just let this happen...))

Asgardried: The republic gave up like cowards to Cracken. They barely put up a true fight. Our lord was trying to help you, and your goverment surrendered. If they had acted when they needed to the Crimson Star could have been destroyed, and none of this would have happened. Over Coruscant the Republic showed themselves to be with out a shread of honor.

Besides there were other reason for destroying so many planets.

Heimdall: Please purge yourself.

*In the cargo hold two droids race up and grab Marin and Aidan. The bay doors then open sucking out any creatures in the cargo hold. At the same time interior defense systems elimated other creatures.

Finally the runes written in what appeared to be a decorative pattern begin to glow. As they spells were activated. The rifts were closed, any new ones were promptly closed as well.*

Idun: I really do have to admit, Odin not allowing us to abandon the futhark has really helped us.

[Time Advance of 1 Week]

*The Asgardreid disengages it's slipstream drive. Before was the planet of Dagon Fel*

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