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*Cracken opens his eyes, only to see glaring white. He cringes, and tries to move. He can't. He curses, and tries to use his magical prowess to heal himself.


He curses some more, and uses the tried and true Force not to heal, but to make himself at least sit up. His slowly sits up, pain coming from every movement he makes.

That basterd better have died from that, he thought. now upright, he slowly opens his eyes, only to see he was back in the white room.

With that pitiful child. Damn.

Slowly, as if he just woke up, he speaks*
Damnit, why am I back here. And you'd better stop answering in riddles or so help me, I will kill you too.

*He rubbed his head, the headache just began to subside. Barely.*

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