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((OOS: You're assuming that the ship could. However I should have been more specific about the creatures. They wouldn't have all been affected by the actions the ship took.))

*Before the time skip*

*About half the creatures around Guy's ship were sucked out by the bay doors opening. The others were already inside, or too immaterial to be affected by the change in pressures.

The portals closed by the Futhark's power instantly reopened again. Then, after disgorging their creatures, closed up again. More continued to open*



A figure with lavender-colored hair was standing on what at first glance appeared to be nothing, smiling. Wearing a dark trenchcoat. Hands held behind his back.

Facing him, and also standing on what was apparently a flat...marble? translucent floor with milky white impurities running through it, were a picturesque group of people. One wore a white trenchcoat, which made him blend into the surroundings in a disturbing fashion. He carried two guns which he had pulled out and trained on the purple-haired man. The person beside him wore clothing that clearly indicated she was from Earth's magical world, but nothing more interesting except for a satchel around her neck. Beside her was a tall man in gray armor and a mask covering everything except for glowing white eyeslits. Beside him, a tall girl dressed in blue. In front of them all was a Dark Elf with small with blue-green tatoos around his eyes, and a shock of dark gray hair. He was dressed in some unusual armor, also gray, and carried himself as if he was the leader of the group. He held a long blaster in one hand, a long sword in the other.

There were a few others, but Guy's attention was drawn to something else...three cages floating in the air on repulsorlifts. One held a gargoyle that Guy recognized as K'Warra K'laar. The second held an unconscious short, dark-skinned girl that Guy didn't recognize. The third cage was longer cloaked and darkened. The group all looked very surprised to see the purple-haired man, except for the gargoyle.

The dark elf steps forward*

Elf: Who are you? *The lavender-haired man doesn't answer. The elf turns towards the caged gargoyle and demands again* Who is he?

K'Warra: *grinning* A guardian. Sakara Asrogeth if my memory serves me. Sakara, what an honor your new position must be.

*The lavender-haired man smiles more and speaks* Oh, I think I enjoy it about as much as you enjoy your current position.

*The elf looks from one to the other* You know each other?

K'Warra: No, we've never met.

Sakara: *conversationally, to the elf* Congratulations on a group of prime catches. I'd ask you how you managed it, but I believe we're a little short on time.

Elf: *to K'Warra* What does he mean?

K'Warra: I don't think you can get any clearer than what he told you.

*Sakara extends his arms in a cross position. Energy flows from them into the translucent floor.

Several misty white creatures come up along the energy, dropping out and standing on the ground. They solidify into creatures with bladed arms that appeared to be made from liquid metal. They hiss at the intruding group*

Elf: What are those?

*Sakara interrupts K'Warra's answer* They're here to kill you. Or at least drive you off.

*He begins rising into the air* You see, I know what you're here for. And while I don't have anything in particular against you accomplishing your goals, I'm afraid I don't have any choice but to do this.

*He stops rising, levitating in midair* Here's how it is. If you can get past me, you can enter this dimension. If you can't, then you can either leave or keep trying until you get killed. I'm not going to use my full powers on you, so you've got a nice fighting chance. Got it? Good.

*Sakara snaps his fingers, and the metal creatures charge at the group.

At that moment K'Warra looks up. His eyes directly meet Guy's. He smiles and winks.

The scene recedes quickly, shrinking into a blank. Space rushed past him, then a beautiful assortment of colors, then he was back in his ship in the Asgardried again. A racoon-like creature was standing over him with a curious look.

Startled, he knocked the creature off. Then he became aware of the blaring alarms.

Quickly, he pressed in a code into the console in front of him. His ship rose into the air and rotated, lowering a square-shaped device from the bottom of its hull.*

This better not do any damage to the others...

*The device unleashes a shockwave of energy, which radiates through the ship like an EMP pulse.

On Guy's holo-scan, the glowing signatures of the humans aboard the Asgardried simultaneously dimmed and shrunk to a tiny flame in each of them.

The remaining creatures abruptly looked confused and lost. Then one by one, the ones that were unaffected by the Asgardried's attacks slipped back away through their portals.

Guy looked at the scanner, simultaneously relieved and apprehensive*

Well that's good, for now. Unfortunately I don't know what that tampering will result in...

*Guy shuts down the monitor. He sits and thinks*

Time Skip

((Edited because words like "plasma" shouldn't be thrown around so casually ^_^;;))

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