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Lets Start a Bar Fight

This is how it goes.
We all start off in a bar having a big fight with Any weapon you want and can change, (but lets try to be Sith and Jedi) When you kill someone you say somthing like Death_Jedi is out for 3 posts 3 is the limit, at some points a person could bring up an event like A bunch of Storm troopers attack and we have to fend them off or Walkers come in ect

Any1 one can play so we dont need profiles just use your Name you have right now, Just say if your a Sith or Jedi (you can also switch and use any weapon) im a Sith

Any1 wanna play?


Death Jedi pulls out his Double Blade Sith Lightsaber and awaits the rival of anyone to enter the bar

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