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lol. Thanks for the help, but I can locate my texture window in the settings I have on now. I know.. I know.. trying to exhaust the simple solutions first, but I'm set there.

In the textures menu I do see a list of level names. When I click on one, the computer does think for a short second. However when I go to the texture window nothing is there. When I look at the console window for Radiant, it says that it can find the shader, but not the texture.

One strange thing though: I have lots and lots and lots of custom maps downloaded in my base file (which im sure we all do :P). If I load textures from custom maps, I'll be able to use all of the textures that are unique to that map. They'll load up exactly the way they should. However all the textures that are borrowed from the assets files do not get loaded.

So it goes.
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