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The original missions were great! I got out my old X-Wing 95 CD and guess what: It doesn't run under WinXP with 3D graphics on. I went to the Lucasarts site, and it said XP users have to play with the graphics off. Well - screw that!

I want to scream through space in my new, high graphics, XWA engine-powered X-Wing and escort Leia's corvette one more time. Except this time it can shoot down those annoying torpedoes!

Now, you'd think the old missions would have been included with XWA. You'd think at LEAST someone would have converted them and they'd be up on every fan site. Well, not quite time to despair yet!

The XWA editor, AlliED purports to be able to convert the old files. The manual states:

"this feature is for custom missions only. That's the only way to ensure XWA conversions of the missions from earlier games are not used by people who don't own those games. YOU MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE CONVERSIONS OF LUCASARTS MISSIONS IN ANY WAY."

So - you can convert but not distribute. That's really too bad - I guess Lucasarts doesn't want you to play the old missions unless you buy the old games - which don't work under Windows XP! What a shame...

However, since you own the old games, I don't think God will strike you down if you make conversions for your own use. Good luck!
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