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((OOS: Lightsabers can't defend every inch of the body, and the bolt's fire had a magical propety that temporarily immobilizes an opponent. And Flax was wearing armor that would have acted as a conductor. If he was hit anywhere - and Duncan wasn't aiming at a vital area - he would've been zapped. Starr was stunned unconscious and he was only wearing light armor.

If anything stunning Deac is iffier, because I can't really be sure if his armor would conduct the fire up from wherever it it to his cyborg-brain. Since I don't know what the heck else he's got in his robo-body

And: You won't necessarily have to fight Duncan again. The whole purpose of this was to brain suck Rwos.

But you did get one thing right. Duncan is a Holtz clone. I'm surprised you got the references "Somehow things seem just the same to me" and the entire PtH scene.*gives BD a jar of cookies*

There will be another reference that you'll probably catch - if you know who Connor is - later on.

One last thing: The Darkstar has not been stolen. A long time ago the Darkstar possessed Rwos, and Rwos allowed it to take full control of his mind (he thought he would be able to save Deac and Corzip [you don't know him]) My idea was that the Darkstar left a few traces of itself in Rwos' mind, and K'Warra used those to get past his mental defenses.

One (more) last thing: If you think I don't have a solution to these weird plot twists I've introduced (i.e. vampires) email me at and I'll email you back explaining. Cluttering up the RPG with idle threats (you'll destroy Coruscant to rid it of a few square kilometers of vampires? and the other Jedi would allow it? right) aren't the best thing. Thanks.

Oh one last thing - *kicks Deac* we've already been over this, you silly. I told you I'm getting rid of this stuff when this storyarc ends remember? ))

*Rwos groans, barely moving* No...didn't steal Darkstar...used...its...pieces...

Gilian: Rwos! *she rushes to his side* You're're not dead!

*Starr wakes up. He pulls the now dim bolt out of his chest, wincing in pain*

Starr: What the hell was that?

Gilian: We have to get out of here. Prepare for when that bastard comes back. I want him dead.

Rwos: ...Won't be...back...

Gilian: What?

*Rwos struggles to speak further* They got...what...they wanted.

*Rwos' eyes close. He drops off into unconsciousness*

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