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Name: Kilmor Katarn
Age [At death]: 23 Approximately 26
Height [At death]: 5' 7"
Weight [At death]: 146 pounds
Weapons: One silver bladed lightsaber, sometimes a second one that's lavender, light side of the Force, on some occasions a heavy blaster pistol - Now in possession of Darth Tepe
Transportation: A small, sleek, one-person starfighter that can go at extremely high speeds and avoid radar detection - No longer in use

Bio: Since 5 years old, Kilmor trained at Luke's Jedi Academy (He was a nephew, though he didn't know it, of Morgan Katarn). At the age of 15, he had a disagreement with another student and left the academy. He craved power, and became Xanin's padawan. Xanin was a Dark Jedi that was in league with Jerec. After 3 years of Dark Side training, he was present when Morgan Katarn was killed by Jerec, but when Jerec and Xanin were killed by Kyle Katarn, Luke redeemed Kilmor and resumed his training at the academy. Kilmor is now a Jedi Knight in the Jedi Council, and he often works as an undercover spy for the New Republic.

DEAD - Slain by Darth Tepe

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