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Originally posted by BattleDog

As to the bolt not being deflected, a light saber can cover every inch of the body.
When you're jumping there's less of a chance, especially at the speed Flax was going.

I get that the armor was to scare Kvana. But I didn't think he'd changed his clothes since he faced Kvana (it's been less than ten minutes since the sun got blocked out) But if he wasn't wearing it then I apologize. My mistake.

One last thing certain Jedi are powerful enough to prevent Coruscant from being nuked. (just as Quhn Vaas gave his life in PtH to save Coruscant from being destroyed by the Aesir) So, it won't happen. Jedi are not murderers - and even if Flax feels it's the best thing to do, other Jedi will not.))

Starr: *to Gilian* He knew you. Another creature from your universe?

Gilian: A..a vampire hunter. A mortal, from Earth. He disappeared, well, hundreds of years ago. I don't understand how he's still alive. *She shakes her head* Anyway, I have to leave. With Rwos. He needs to get medical attention immediately.

Starr: Wait! My master Cracken...

Gilian: You're going to have to find your master yourself.

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