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Originally posted by BattleDog

((Redwing, no offense, but couldn't you come up with something that doesn't come from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe?))
That comes up to a count of three things by now, right? Counting blocking out the sun, the character/scenario Duncan is based on [wait...does that make four? oh, whatever], and the idea for a vampire with a soul who used to be Evil. That's not as much as, say, Admiral has lifted from Norse mythology, or Scar has lifted from Anne Rice/Kain universe. And those examples aside, I believe I have used more original material than anyone else in this RPG. So there!


Raschel: *under her breath* Great.

Marin: It shouldn't be too much trouble. I expect Svafa here...or the other Aesir...know something about these traps.

Aidan: *muttering* Traps. Sure. Whatever. So long as I can get in open air again...

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