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Missing texture

I ran into a problem when I was going to make a mirror on one of my levels, I found out that I was missing some textures (like the mirror-textures). I looked in the "common" folder in the asset0.pk3 file (and in all the other .pk3s and folders I have), but found only:

(that was all the files in the "common" texturefolder inside asset0.pk3)

And I also noticed that I don't have Caulk-Non Solid (or something).

I just wondered if anyone know why I'm missing some textures, and where I can find them... I'v tried to reinstall the game twice, and checked if the texture is in the actual game (I checked if the mirror texture was in the yavin_final level, and it wasn't). If any would bothered to send me the missing textures (the ones I know is missing at least), I would be very grateful.

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