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*Gilian jerks Rwos away from Deac* What are you doing to him?

*Rwos opens his eyes. Gilian, startled, drops him, then hastily apologizes. Rwos rubs his head*

Rwos: Thanks, Deac.

Gilian: What just happened? How are you...

Rwos: Alive? The demon underestimated me. He didn't realize I had a regenerative ability...

Gilian: What the hell was that? That wasn't K'Warra K'laar, was it?

Rwos: Not exactly. His body was being mentally influenced by that demon.

Gilian: Well...what did he want?

Rwos: I can't tell you.

Gilian: Dammit Rwos, I swear---

Starr: I hate to interrupt, but...WHERE IS LORD CRACKEN?

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