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((Of course I use Norse mythology. I also use other mythologies as well, from greek to celtic. I think anyone with any bit of knowledge in mythology could see that.))

*Coming up behind WH Irvine, Idun grabs his collar and yanks him back sharply and non to gently. She then shoves him back towards the group. Right in front of Irvine was a trap*

Idun: Idiot. Did you not hear what Svafa said? There are traps all over so you just decide the mindlessly wander off. Not to mention going in the wrong direction. Next time pay attention.

*With the two returning to the group. Svafa looks around, everyone was accounted for. Going up to WH Irvine*

Svafa: Your lucky Idun is here. I would not have gone after you.

*Turning around she heads in the direct opposite direction that WH Irvine was going in.*

Svafa: Follow me carefully. Traps are everywhere and extermly lethal. This will take at least two of your standard Coruscant days. While we are here we will also not see a shread of sunlight, so for those who don't see as well at night be extra careful.

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