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((My point stands, Flax wouldn't jump.))

*Flax' comlink double beeps.*

Flax: This is General Flax.

Com: This is Senator Tar Redis. Your taking too long General, in exactly 24 hours we will utalize plan C4.

*Flax' face turns ashern.*

Flax: Sir you can't.....

Redis: Too late General, remove all your personnal in 24 hours. After that the Destroyer Rellentless will fire her warheads.

*The com clicks off and Flax, visibly shunken, turns to the group.*

Flax: The Senate has just autherized the use of dessisive force, if every last Vampire is not destroyed within 24 hours then they will launch Stronium90 Clad Thurmonuclear Airbursts. The planet will be totally un-inhabitable.

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