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Fused Irvine: *looks at deac* "Foolish really... Do you not sense our power, now at a more fuller potential? Our previous incarnation was looking for an honorable fight, so he subconsiously left himself weaker then what he should have been, thus we amerged."

*He unwraps the bloody bandage on his right forearm, revealing the arm, completely healed.*

Fused Irvine: "You're no match for us now. All of you..."

((Okay, here's my logic: Usualy the Hero's of a story would be put up agenst impossible odds agenst a single powerful foe.

So why not allow the same circumstance, but have more then one foe agenst the group, with no care about which group of foes cares about the other, only that they have a 'turn' to 'play with' the weaklings. ))

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