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Sorry for more OT discussion, but...

Originally posted by RenegadeOfPhunk
Tell ya what - I wish I had looked into games programming when I was younger!
I could try and move into it now, but I'd have to take a nasty pay-cut to work my way in. So I think I'm gonna have to stick to the boring MFC GUI stuff now! (Well, it's not THAT boring really - but you know what I mean )
Man, I totally I feel your pain, Renegade. I'm basically in the same boat - got a well established position in a software company (doing VB6/COM-based business apps), a family, etc.

So trying to break into the game programming world at this point in my life is basically just a pipe dream. However, I have really enjoyed working on the DF mod, and I'm looking forward to see what new projects the future will bring with JA or some of the other game engines that will be coming out in the future.

At least here at my place of employment we're moving to Java, which will break the monotony. I'm ready to move on to something different!!!

BTW, razorace, I'm sorry your project won't be fully realized with the JO engine. Many of us are getting not a little bit frustrated with its inherent limitations. Hopefully JA will be a much more positive experience....

Keep up the vision and the great work!!!

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