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((OOS: Flax DID jump.

*Flax sees the bolt, he force jumps and sumersults, bringing his saber up defensive and drawing the force around himself.*
If you hadn't put that I would never have said he was hit in midair, as that would certainly be godmoding ;p

edit: Eep. Admiral said it already. Oops ^^;;

Scar: I don't think it fits in the RPG at the moment, if that's what you're asking.))


*Unfortunately no one replies to Kalidor, as they are wrapped up in their own argument.

Starr almost replies to Fused Irvine, then chooses to ignore him as well*

Gilian: *enraged, to Flax* You bastard, what have you told them?

Rwos: *sigh* I'll handle them. Starr, come with me. *as Starr balks at the order* If Cracken vanished here odds are we need this place intact to find him again. I suspect I know what may be happening to him. *turning* Gilian, you go after the books. Ignore the vampires if you can, just do whatever you can to unblock the sun before the spell gets too strong to handle.

Gilian: Ignore the vampires?

Rwos: They're a distraction. For something I suspect we'll become aware of very soon. That much I learned from K'Warra's thoughts. The books the vampire used to blot out the sun were planted in Coruscant's library by the demon - Sejhan. What's puzzling however is how he knew the vampires would find them...

*to Deac* You can either go with Gilian to find the books, or with me to disable the Relentless. *to Gilian* Let the others come with you if they wish. You may run into problems you don't expect.

*To Flax* Tell me how I can get to the Destroyer Relentless.



Girl: You need to cool down your arrogance. Your chaotic side is becoming too pronounced and it will destroy you if you let it grow. *She circles Cracken* Your powers are growing more rapidly than I expected. That's very good. *continues circling* But I told you, the time isn't right for you to interfere. Certain things must be. The people you almost destroyed when you let your emotions control you... Well, one of those certain things is that they must live, for now. I told you you would not be able to stop what would come - why didn't you listen to me?

Edited to specify which Irvine Starr was ignoring

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