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*Over a com to the Disen*

Hildr: It is agreed then. I'll speak with you shortly.

*Hildr exits the fighter and slips into the library. She deftly enters the room where the group is.*

Hildr: I doubt he will help you at all, or if he does you still will be to late to stop them. I'm willing to beat that the General always wanted to destroy the planet. Think about it. They haven't even tried the simplest measures like a quartine. He immediatly ordered a futile evacuation, and then argued with everyone about staying and fighting.

I doubt that he even cares about the millions that will be slaughtered in the attack. At the very least he is the Republic's perfect scapgoat. The public outcry at this massacure, will be strong, and the Republic to save it's own hide will put the blame squarely on General Flax. Who knows Flax may even be doing this as an elaborate ploy so he can forment rebellion and become the next Emperor.

*Turning to Gilian*

Do as Rwos says, vampires have already left the planet.

*Turning to Rwos*

You have done well Blade. As such I can offer you a kind of reward. We can provide you transport to the Destroyer....

*In space above Coruscant the Aesirian task forces cloaks*

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