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((OOS: Um, Fused Irvine is making almost no sense at all Scar))


*Rwos silently wonders if this was the reason the existence of NRI's interdimensional branch had been hidden from Flax' department*

Gilian: *in a parting shot at Flax* Weren't you boasting that you could make a star go nova, yet you won't stop this weapon from killing us all? So much for the power of a "Jedi".

Starr: *to Fused Irvine* Shut up or I'll take your head off. *to Flax* What you are trying to tell us is a load of lies. The Senate commitees are a pack of cowards. They would never accept this unless someone manipulated them into doing so. Someone like you. After all, our spies have told us that you were the one handling this "vampire problem". Only you or your lackeys through you could have given the Senate the false impression that the threat was so terrible that the capital city of the galaxy would have to be leveled to contain it...

*Rwos speaks up* I'm sure Flax has no plans on becoming the next Emperor. *looking at Flax* I'm also sure he knows who holds the proper codes to deactivate this superweapon...or perhaps can put us in contact with the architects, who surely would know how to disable it...

*Gilian looks disgusted* You're wasting your time, Termand. *She turns to Deac and the others* Follow me. I'm calling my glider. We don't have time for this.



*The girl smiles at Cracken's comment* In time you'll know. Until then...

*The white around Cracken seems to take form. Then, it rapidly "melts" through and over him, from the inside out. The room obscures in blank white.

The only thing still there was Alys' mental signature, still out of reach but somehow seeming slightly stronger...*


Somewhere in Warp Space

*Farran, Artemis, and Kioet are seated at a small but ornate table in a nicely furnished room. Despite the few fancy touches the room still read as made for business. Several suited men brought refreshments for the group. Farran recognized the ones brought to him as being from Earth, delicacies. It disturbed him that he couldn't remember the names.*

Artemis: We've been here a while...when is the woman coming to see us?

Farran: I'm not sure I want to know what this is about. *He looks warningly at Artemis* Appearances mean nothing in these cases, remember that.

Artemis: I can't for the life of me figure out who these people are. But they're clearly from Earth. And rich.

Farran: Indeed they are...

*Farran stares at Kioet, sizing him up. The people who had escorted them in had been only to happy to let him accompany them. No, in fact they had insisted on it.

Which was puzzling. Clearly they were playing on the fact that he and Artemis were from Earth. They knew exactly who he really was and they probably knew who Artemis was too. Certainly they wanted to exploit this.

Which begged the question. Why bother pampering the Trandoshan? Someone who must appear as native muscle picked up for hire?

Farran keeps staring*

Kioet...what do they know about you that I don't?

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