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((Do insane individuals ever do, red?))

*Fused Irvine bursts out laughing at Starr.*

Fused Irvine: "You're such a pathetic creature, all of you! HA! I'll leave you to your business. Oh and by the way kid..." *Turns to Irvine.* "You can stop hiding the fact you are wounded,..." *Smiles* "I can sense it in your anger, it comes from desparation..."

Irvine: "What!? Argh..."

*Irvine gives up hiding that he's wounded internally, as he grits his teeth and semi closes an eye. He charges Fused Irvine, while igniting his saber. But at the last second, Fused Irvine jumps up, and seemingly vanishes, only with the echo of laughter...

Irvine falls to a knee, while extinishing his saber.*

Irvine: "Starr... I accidently closed my wound, without expelling the bolt... It'll hurt me more if it is forced out..."

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