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((Deac: Thanks! ^_^

A cookie to whoever recognizes the inspiration for Raschel's clothing. ))

*Aidan, naturally, doesn't sleep, except for a couple of fitful naps. Gargoyles were day sleepers and if he could he would have been sleeping the entire time the group was walking. He sits and watches the campfire unmoving until Flax returns with the nerf*

Aidan: I'm all for it. I can't stand these rations.

*Marin looks into the forest in wolf morph, seeming to debate something. Whatever it is, she eventually decides to demorph and goes to sleep in her human form, not saying a word.

Raschel gave up on her hair and goes to sleep.

Guy sits silently, eyes open. It took a while for the rest of the group to realize that he actually was asleep, because he never closed them*

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