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[time advance: Almost 5 and 1/2 hours]

*The fire by now is burnt out. Heimdall who hasn't slept taps Svafa on the shoulder. Svafa is instantly awake*

Heimdall *wishpering*: Come with me I need to show you something.

*Svafa follows Heimdall into the woods. They are quickly hidden from the group. They move quickly and quietly until Heimdall stops. He then points out some folliage to Svafa and the ground*

Heimdall: Notice anything?

*Svafa takes a moment to examine them. The edges of some appeared frozen others burnt. When finished she nods at Heimdall*

Svafa: How fresh is the trail?

Heimdall: It is fairly fresh. Let's return to the group.

*The two set off back towards the group*

Heimdall: They don't know that we are here. With any luck we will go unnoticed. The ship has already cloaked.

*Svafa nods in agreement. They are going to have to alert Idun to this.

They return to the groups camp site*

Svafa: Wake up, it's time to go.

*Idun is awake at Svafa first words and is already getting ready.*

Svafa: We leave in five minutes.

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