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Flax: Look, I didn't create this thing. I'm not even NRI. I'm attached to Fleet intelligance. There's nothing actually revolutionary about the ship. The cloak is an older model than I am. However, It does have a weakness. The cloak is one way. However, the one way is only about 97% effective. If you use a wide beam scan with a strong enough power output you should be able to locate the ship.

Its a modified version of the Old Republic's Stygium Crystal cloak.

((OSS: Just because the Planet is gone doesn't mean all the crystals are. I don't know! I didn't design the thing! ))

*Turns to Hidlr.* You know I have nothing to do with this, yet you still perpetuate lies.

Flax: There's a way to stop the thing. You have to wind its internal cloak foward until after it has fired. That will fool the ship into shutting down.

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