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((OOS: I have to agree with Deac, BD, using something like this is extremely out of character for the NR. I hope there's an explanation in the offing...

Also the Old Republic didn't use the cloak, Darth Maul did...))

Gilian: *powering up her glider and its disks* You pretend to have had nothing to do with this yet everything you say says differently. You know everything about this weapon yet you didn't bother doing anything to stop it? I know your kind. You're all about power, and as long as you can get it the consequences be damned. And don't pretend this is a surprise. I've got vamp hearing, remember? I heard that entire conversation you had over your comlink. You told us had information that wasn't in that conversation - like that the Senate would consider alternatives if we unblocked the sun - either you were lying or you knew about this all along.

Starr: Stygium crystal invisibility cloaks have been used by the Sith for a long time. If the Republic is supposed to be so squeaky clean I would be interested to know how exactly you acquired this technology...

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