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Hildr: Please General, you expect us to believe your plan. Unless the Republic has the most inept programmers in the universe, it would fail. You advance time and you make the ship launch sooner, not stop the launch. If anything you would want to rewind the clock and put it in a loop so it never reaches zero. Then again to have such a huge weakness as that makes me think once again your lieing.

Then again it is a brillant plan, if you think about it. We advance time making the ship launch it's missiles sooner so we are blamed for Coruscants Descruction. Flax is hailed as a hero for trying to save as many lives as possible. Further he then with his mysterous knowledge of the ship finds it and captures it. Then he finds the sith cloaking device. This implicates the Empire allowing him to complete his conquest of imperial space. I would also add, that it is possible that we are also hailed as hero for trying to stop the "Imperial" ship. However, we of course conviently die in the attempt. This way everyone with knowledge of the his involvment in the event is silenced.

I guess this would be a good enough time to say, that the media will eventually find out about the Republic's planet killer. Finally if anything happens to me, or if the planet is destroyed then the media will also recieve information that will show Flax's involvment in the entire incident. *Smiling*

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