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Tierra was good, Cause was better

I liked Tierra, but I preferred Lost Cause because it was more akin to my sense of humor. I liked the "off the wall-ness" of the jokes, and how a lot of it was utter nonsense. It was more laugh-out loud, and I liked the character of Darth Vapor (Vapour) better than I did Tomas Encion, because as a villain he helped the other side stand out.

So, if you preferred Tierra to Lost Cause because Lost Cause was wacky, random nonsense, I can't disagree with you; I just ENJOY wacky, random nonsense. It suits the character of Number Two better. Stanley's high-pitched whine played well off Vapor's gruff basso, as opposed to playing off the equally whiny Encion. Although, I did think that it was hilarious that the chosen one is Number Two. Of all people, a short little bald guy with a squeaky voice and a pronunciation problem (Wiks ripe al ready as I'll ewer be!). And, I wish Stuart could have been in Lost Cause. He'd have probably been Vapor (I initially thought Stuart was Vapor until I learned otherwise.) Plus, we had a narrator for some added humor, plus Lube and Ham.

So, as far as a story? Tierra takes the cake. I just had more fun listening to Lost Cause (replay value, you know.)

And I look forward to the rest of Beneath Monkey Island.

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