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((Redwing, you are mistaken. Stygium crystal cloaks were widly known about during the OR era. There's even an artical on the holonet about the crystals starting to run out.))

Flax: We advance time to after the launch, that way the ship thinks its already fired. So it shuts down and de-cloaks. It would work. We'll never find a slicer in time though. So that leaves only one option.

*Turns to Deac.* Colonel, I was never here, I never told you this and you had no involvement in what I am about to do.

I really thought you all had more faith in me.

*Flax activates his comlink again.*

Flax: Bring her in Chip.

*3 minutes later.*

*Flax' X-Wing lands, he runs towards it and chages into his flight gear then climbs in, he looks back at the group.*

Flax: Its best you never saw me, I've towed the line too long, now thing are going to change.

((Yes this is highly out of character for the NR. Thats all I'm saying. Just no-one else come up with another plotline, okay.))

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