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((I didn't say they were unknown. I said the Old Republic did not use them, which is a little inaccuracte - I should say it was Sienar technology. We all know what that means.

From :

The Sith Infiltrator is equipped with a terrifying technological wonder -- a full-effect cloaking device that gives invisibility upon command. An invisibility field is a formidable weapon, since it can defeat most security systems and make acts of theft, sabotage, and assassination all but unstoppable.
From :

this rare, crystalline mineral is found only on Aeten II. Sienar Advanced Projects discovered that the crystal could be used to create a full-effect cloaking system that defeated the sensors and security systems of larger craft

this does indicate that they were well-known. However, still Imperial technology. Thus what Starr and Hildr says still isn't Old Republic technology it is Sienar technology. From Starr's point of view only someone with Sith connections could have found any after this long.

edit: Okay, I don't think that's clear enough...I'm not saying the NR *couldn't* have found an old cloaking device. I'm just saying that it's valid to say it looks suspicious. Not that a planet killer doesn't look suspicious enough))

Rwos: *As Flax leaves* Hopefully we can believe him. *to Hildr* I think I want to take you up on that offer anyway, though...

Gilian: *distastefully* Interesting about-face. I'd trust that man about as far as I could throw, scratch that, I could probably throw him pretty far. *to the others* I'm not sure where we'll be going, but here is a rough idea. *She twists open a watch-like device she is wearing, and connects it with her glider's console with a wire. A 3-D map projects on the ground, a minature representation of Coruscant's surface. Intermitten blue symbols appear on the map in seemingly random places*

Gilian: The vampire is using a mystical power to teleport. The books left a trail. *The symbols connect themselves with blue lines in a wild zig-zag pattern* Since he's a vampire he can't enter the abode of a living being without being invited in. Not even through teleportation. The erratic pattern is because he was teleporting around the homes. *She points to the ending symbol* This is where we go.

Starr: *to Irvine* Only new order? What are you talking about? You're talking nonsense...also, darkness in the New Order? You have no idea.

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