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((Also, the Super Star Destroyer Fade has a full fledged cloaking device. it was mentioned in the Battle of Ulla Sharrdes, at the end of the Imperial Civil War, in the last thread. ))

*Cracken feels his daughters mental image, and reaches out into the whitness*

Alys....... *He turns, and yells into the whitness* GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER YOU BASTEREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Admiral Karrak: Com scan has detected an annomoly, possible a cloaked Republic ship.

Tojo: Keep an eye on it... *he thinks* is it similar to the Fade's?

Karrak: Yessir.
Tojo: Watch it, carefully. Contact Starr and the Emperor, they should know about it.

((Yes, the Imperials can kind of detect cloaked ships, because they do have to keep track of the Fade, ya know. ^_^))

*The com officer relays the news to Starr and Cracken's respective comlinks, but Cracken's is not there*
Com: Sir, Cracken's comlink is not recieving.

Tojo:Impossible. try it again. get a response from Starr.

*Tojo stares into space. What in the hell is going on...?*

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