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*Flax turns to Deac with a pained expression.* Deac, I'm going to fix this. Its going to be very messy though; I don't want you to catch any flak.

*Flax climbs into the fighter and seals the canopy*

Flax: Chip take us up the the Independance.

*The fighter lifts off and heads starward. Some time later the fighter glides into the main landing bay of the Republic's most powerful warship.

Flax climbs out, an aide is waiting for him.*

Aide: Sir!

Flax: Ensign, I want every divisional head in the Executive Briefing room in 15 minutes.

Aide: Yes Sir. *The young man walks off toward a turbolift.*

*Flax heads towards another lift and takes an takes an express, no stop trip to his quarters, where he quickly gathers some data cards and then heads to the Briefing.*

*15 minutes later.*

*The last of the officers file in, Admiral Thran, Fleet Commander, turns to Flax.*

Thran: You had better have a damm good reason for this Tak.

Flax: Yes sir. Just over two weeks ago some of us, including myself, were briefed on a new Weapon which the Senate Defence Commity and the Fleet Admiral believed would safe guard the future of our goverment and our people.

*Flax pauses and Thran jumps in.*

Thran: General, this is Classified information, I warn you....

Flax: Just over 45 minutes ago I was informed that this new weapon would be used on Coruscant.

*Stunned Silence.*

*Flax presses on* This new weapon is a modified version of our standard Lighting Torpedo Attack Destroyers. *Goes on to relate Rellentless Specs.*

*The Fleet Intelligance Head, Colonel Re'tica, a Twilek speeks.*

Re'tica: This weapon goes against everything we have fought for!

Flax: I agree, that was what I said when it was revieled to me; I was assured that the weapon would never actually be used. It appears the Senate fears Vampires more than open rebelion.

Army General: Rebelion? What are you suggesting, Sir?

Flax: This weapon must be destroyed within the next 23 hours or the remaining population of Coruscant will be horribly murdered.

We have much less time than that however, since my abrupt arrival here is bound to attract attention. So here's what we're going to do....

((Up to now Flax has been in shock, hense the lack of conherance. If you can't see where this is heading then you won't be very interested in the next couple of threads.))

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