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((Red, Irvine's ship isn't a go-cart ^_~

he can fly himself up there, unless you want Starr to think that he's really too wounded to make it up there, which I could put into mind... *hums and ponders...*))

*Coruscant, outside Jedi Temple*

*Several Jedi, each in a defencive stance, with slight paniced expressions on their faces, as emptied robes lay about on the ground.*

Jedi 1: "What is this guy!?"

Jedi 2: "I donno, but I can't predict his attacks..." 'He just came out of nowhere...'

Fused Irvine: "You should give up and let me kill you. You're only making it harder on yourselves... We haven't ever planned on showing you mercy..." *Laughs, very evily...*

Jedi 3: "Don't let him scare you! If he kills us, we'll be more powerful then he is!"

Fused Irvine: "Arrogence will get you killed..."

*Fused Irvine throws a burning red force destruction at the three, the second Jedi barely manages to dodge the extremely excellerated blast.*

Jedi 2: *laying on the ground, heavly wounded "You'll never defeat us all..."

Fused Irvine: "I never planned on it..." *finishes off the Jedi with force lightning.*

*As the last guard Jedi dies, Fused Irvine extingishes his lightsaber, and enters the temple...*

((I admit it this is godmoding, but after this i'll let BD take control of the Jedi.))

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