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((Admiral, Redwing; leave the Rellentless to me. Plus, Red yes I do.))

*Time skip 2 hours.*

*The squad leaders of the Second Fleet sit in the largest Briefing room. The pilots had been surreptitiously moved from their various ships by shuttles and fighters. Now they were all here.*

*Flax adresses the group.* We are short on time here so I will be brief. Following our defeats by the Imperial Forces Two years ago certain elements within the High Command decided that we needed a new weapon, something to use against the Empire if they crossed us again.

This weapon is now going to be used on Coruscant.

(Rellentless Stats.)

Flax: You all know the consiquence of Stronium90 bombardment. So you all understand that this cannot be allowed to happen. The Rellentless must be destroyed.

Understand this also, we undertake this operation without the autherisation of anyone higher than Admiral Thran.


Flax: The Rellentless must be destroyed. This will reqire a presition dumb fire strike by our C5 Y-Wings. We will launch in 5 hours. One my signal we'll switch our IFF codes to the old Rebel frequency.

After that point a ship not using those codes is potentially hostile. If you're fired apon you must return fire. Is that clear?

*Affermative murmers.*

Flax: Good. I don't like this any more than the rest of you. I'm not asking any less of you than I do myself. I will personnally lead the assualt.


Pilot: Sir, if the ship is cloaked how will we track it?

Flax: Good one. The cloak is not 100% effective against modern sensors. We have her orbit pattern and we'll down load that into your flight computers. When you get within range the Independance will begin scanning the area and the position of the target will be transmitted and displayed on your HUD.

Pilot 2: How are we going to pull this off.

Flax: We're launching under the excuse that we want to show the Senate Fleet Fighter Formations. We hope they'll be taken in. When all our bombers are out we make the attack.

Flax: Nothing else? Good, your squad assignments are in your datapads.

May the Force be with us all. Dissmissed!

*After the hasty briefing Flax headed to the Bridge and walked up to the comm officer.*

Flax: Anything yet?

Comm: No sir we still can't contact Commander Flax. Her comlink must be switched off.

Flax: Damm! Keep trying.

Comm: Yes sir.

Coruscant, Jedi Temple.

*Sophae has sensed Fused Ivrine and she now approaches him, shrouded in the force.*

((Ivrine shouldn't be able to sense her, yet.

I think everyone else should post a profile for their Jedi to stop us from pulling out any powers when we feel like it.

Remember, Flax is nearly Yode level and Sophae is probably as powerful as the muppet. Of course she's had far less practice.))

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