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(("The muppet"!?


*A holocom on Nar shadda*

Reporter: "Eariler today an unexpect turn of events, the Imperal fleet has entered Coruscant space in a strange co-effort with the Republic to fight off an unknown source. Transports have been launched from Coruscant one after another in a seemingly planet-wide abandonship."

*Camera view changes*

Reporter: "In other news related to those events, the Coruscant system's star has been unexplaningly have been blanketed out. While a new strand of 'The Raging Death' has lay claim on several thousand fleeing civilians from Coruscant. How ever sources say that the new strand only effects on individuals with certain active DNA gene strands."


*Coruscant. Jedi Temple*

*Fused Irvine turns around to see Sophae, almost like he didn't need to sense her to know she was there...*

Fused Irvine: *pulling out the Light-Masamune* "My dear lady, I need not to sense your hidden presence, but to smell your prefume..." *laughs*

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