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C10: Jedi attributes

Name: 'Irvine ?? Palpatine' (I thought it was pre-mature to name his middle name after his father's when I was first Introducing WH Irvine)
Force Status/Rank: Jedi Knight
  • Basic force skills (Jump, push, pull, throw, run, etc...);
  • Complete Light Side abilities (quivalent to his 'Rank', although might exprence a highened increase during desparation);
  • Dark Side powers (can be strong, but uncontrollable during desparation);
  • Sacrifice (sacrifices own life expectency to draw in more poetental in midicholronic reactions (A.K.A. he gets more powerful, but will die soonder in life.));
  • Saber Combat Form 7 (still quite a ways from perfecting it...)

((I might come up with more. but they aren't going to be all that special.))


Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (WH Irvine)
Force Status: Unknown
Special: Nonomechine implants (Body always being damaged by a new strain of 'The Raging Death')
Abilties: UnKnown


Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern (Elder Irvine)
Force Status: Jedi Master Equivalent/Sith Lord Equivalent
Abilties:[list][*]Basic Force Skills;[*]Complete Light Side abilities;[*]Complete Dark Side powers (After corruption);[*]Force Flight (After corruption);[*]Fuse (After corruption);[*]Multi-Saber Combat;[*]Peroidically increase in physical attributes at will (strength & speed, for limited amount of time. Internal emitions (So no damn Vanguard can capitialise on it );


Name: Fused Irvine Cracern
Force Status: Sith spawn Lord (if there is one...),
Special: 1.5 active midicholron count then Elder Irvine Cracern
  • Force Flight;
  • Multi-Saber Combat;
  • Constant increased physical attribute increase;
  • Complete Light Side and Dark Side abilties and powers (but chooses Dark or course);
  • Force Hide (suppresses force signature and creates an illusion around him, showing he had vanished);


Name: Fused Irvine Cracern (Evilly Insane)
Force Status: Mentaly unstabile Sith Lord
Special: 2x Active Midicholron count as Elder Irvine Cracern
Special 2Although is perfectly incontroll of himself, those who sense his power, sense two conflicting presences from within...
  • Everything as normal Fused Irvine Cracern has;
  • Crimson Death (A variant version of Force Destruction, but does not create not even 1/4th the damage, however it paralises the victum. Called 'Crimson' due to the ball of energy is crimson red;
  • Nearly Effortless Light-Masamume combat (Can swing a 2.5m LightSaber almost effortlessly);
  • Insane and unpredictable;

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