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Svafa: You don't want to know.

*Svafa grows quiete, and very still*

Idun: You must understand that Svafa is part of one of our hunter units. Actually she is one of the leaders. Their view of easy is different from others. We also know evil far worse then the Sith.

*Svafa suddenly kneels, and studies the ground. Without a word she darts offs in between the buildings.*

Idun: *motioning to Svafa* Like I said she is a hunter.

*A minute later Svafa returns carrying what appears to be a human.

Svafa dumps the body at the feat of the group. There was a strange marking on his forhead. Svafa kneels down and uncermonisly cleans her blade on the corpse's robes. She then moves an arm so it is visible to the group. In the hand is a lightsaber*

Svafa: A sith scout. He was probably on his way to alert his masters when I caught him. However this isn't a normal sith, notice how old he looks. When I killed him he appeared to be in his twenties...

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