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Gnothi Seauton hopped out of his speeder. He took out his brand new electrobinoculars and scanned the area for Imperial presence. Seeing none, he got back on his speeder and set it the quickest speed. Pushing the throttle, he lurched forward. Glancing around himself, he circled to the left, and pulled up at a cantina. Seeing nothing, he hurdled his speeder to maximam capacity once more and set coordinates in it sohe wouldn't have to worry about veering of course. This shipment was going to be big. The most death sticks he'll ever be able to lay eyes on. In his daze, he never noticed the fleeing Zabrak in front of him. Gnothi bailed out in an instant, landing right on the Zabrak. "WHAT, ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOUR SELF KILLED?" he screamed at the Zabrak. "Come with me" he said as he saw the smoldering wreckage of his speeder not far away. Looking over his shoulder, now seeing some stormtroopers in pursuit, he added, "Quickly"

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