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Soccer game!

right, the rules R simple,
we have 10 people in a match. it costs 10 credits to play(send them to the profile called soccer money ba {for some reason})
the first person to sign in is the goalie. You take it in turns to try and score a goal by PMing me and saying wether you're gonna shoot lef, right, ect. ect. , also tell me your power bonus (up to 50) The goalie tells me wich way he's gonna dive and all by PMing me, also tells me a strength bonus (up to 50). if the goalie dives the same way as the person kicks, then we look at the strength bonus & power bonus, if the strength bonus is higher than the power bonus, then the goalie wins. Whoever wins gets five credits forom the soccer money ba (ba, not bank!)
label your PMs as "Soccer game info"


I'm a bank
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