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Fused Irvine: *laughs* "Ah, yes. Skilled and has a sense of humor..." ((Consideriong that it would take quite amount of consentraction to mask one's presence.))

*Fused Irvine extends his arm, and ignites the Light-Masamune, the blade extends to about a few inches in front of Sophae's nose. He pulls the Light-Masamune back now posed on his left side, while holding it with his right hand, the left semi-circled around the base of the emitting beam. All while leaning forward slightly, he glares at Sophae with a small grin. Talking was done, it was game time...*

*At that moment everything that could be felt from Fused Irvine was two conflicting presences, although he was perfectly incontrol of his actions.*

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